Collectors' Stories

People have described experiencing Cynthia's paintings and photographs as inspiring, relaxing, evocative, nourishing, familiar, powerful and energizing. Here are some quotes from collectors.



"The images are so beautiful — peaceful, yet powerful." — Business Professor

"I love the simplicity of your paintings. They're simple to understand, yet there are many levels of understanding. The simplicity of the images is very important. Some people may look at them and say, 'I can do that.' But the simplicity is deceiving." — Artist

"I have enjoyed your prints tremendously; they move one's soul." — Business Executive

"Your photographs have a beautiful simplicity. They show the essence." —  Landscape Designer

"I've never seen botanical photographs like yours. They're a pure expression of the spirit of creation." — Administrator


Improving Lives

"I love looking at the painting. It gives me an overwhelming feeling of love and harmony, balance and goodness." — Business Executive

"The print, Heart of the World, has really helped me to get some clarity about the direction of my career and my family life. And no matter how busy or stressed I am, I always feel relaxed after looking at it. I'm generally much more relaxed now than I was. This is better than therapy!" — Business Development Executive

"I adore the Matrix. I want to figure out how to safely attach it to the ceiling above my bed so that I can just focus and think and meditate and dream, fall to a peaceful sleep and AWAKE with new vitality and energy!" — Environmental Designer

"Since receiving my commissioned Matrix, my dreams have been more active and very helpful. Overall, i feel more balanced and clear." — Stock Trader

"Since placing the print on my computer desk, I have been remarkably productive. Creativity blocks that used to overwhelm me for days and weeks are now minor obstacles I am able to overcome in a few minutes, or, at worst, a few hours. I have subsequently had a book published by a major publisher, obtained two new clients for my consulting business, and had a game accepted by a manufacturer." — Writer/Inventor


Creating a Harmonious Environment

"Your art brings the 'wow factor' into interior design." — Interior Designer

"I feel so much more in touch with myself and what is important to me. I placed the Matrix in my bedroom. The Heart of the World is the first thing I see when I walk into the room. It is next to a small light, which illuminates the lovely image and heightens the color. Entering the room a person asked, 'Did you change something? The room looks so light and clean.' And it does!" — Architect

"For two and a half years I kept my Matrixes in my office, where I was a magazine editor in a large museum's publications department. I began to notice that negative people or emotions could not enter my office space. Even people who came with the intent of negative stirring, couldn't seem to do it if they crossed the threshold. Instead, miraculously, they would join me in a creative win-win effort to resolve something or create something new. Outside that space, even on the other side of my doorway, this wasn't happening. I think I even heard a strong but quiet hum in my office, one that felt like basking in a gently sun that warms your soul... and apparently that of others." — Writer, Magazine Editor

"For four years, I've been looking for the perfect photograph to hang in my dining area. I visited countless galleries in many cities, but I couldn't find anything. I wanted something simple, beautiful, with a feeling of serenity. Your work is exactly what I've been looking for." — Social Worker


Helping Businesses

"It's a visual mission statement. I look at it as I'm thinking about the company, it's values and where I want to take it."— Company President

A Story: A businessman was in partnership with two others. There was a difficult situation regarding one of the partners. They were scheduled to meet about it the next day, but he had no idea how to handle the situation. Within a few minutes of looking at the Matrix that Cynthia handed him, he knew exactly what to do, and described how each part of the painting had given him a different insight.


Greeting Cards

"I gave one of your cards to a friend, and she was so moved by it that it brought tears to her eyes." — Business Consultant

"Your cards arrived last week, and when I opened the package, I paused and almost cried at their beauty. They are all exquisite. I can't decide which is my favorite. You are amazing! Thank you so much!!" — Architecture Professor

"The wisteria card is so beautiful. I'm going to put it in my office, and know I'll feel peaceful every time I look at it." — Customer, Valley Forge Flowers

"Your cards are so beautiful, with such texture and depth. They’re framable." — Director of Retail Operations