The Art

My inspiration for painting and photography comes from an experience of joy and connection with all of life. I began painting over nineteen years ago, and work primarily with watercolor pencil and brush. Nine years ago, I was drawn to photography.  


Art Matrix Collection™

The paintings integrate the mathematics of sound, color and form into a seamless whole. I am also a singer, and sing my paintings. Symbols are integrated into every piece. To date, people have identified characters from the following languages in the body of my work: Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Bengali, Tamil, Dravidian, Japanese and an ancient form of Chinese used 3,000 years ago. I have not studied any of these languages.

My paintings can be viewed from any direction. What you see will change, depending on the orientation.

"I have enjoyed your prints tremendously; they move one's soul." — Business Executive  

"I love the simplicity of your paintings. They're simple to understand, yet there are many levels of understanding. The simplicity of the images is very important. Some people may look at them and say, 'I can do that.' But the simplicity is deceiving." — Artist


Essence of Flowers Collection™

My photographs reflect the beauty and harmony of the natural world, with a primary focus on flowers. Many of my images are taken in Philadelphia regional gardens. The photographs are not retouched, and most are not even cropped.


“For four years, I’ve been looking for the perfect photograph to hang in my dining area. I visited countless galleries in many cities, but I couldn’t find anything. I wanted something simple, with a feeling of serenity. Your work is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” — Social Worker

“I’ve never seen botanical photographs like yours. They’re a pure expression of the spirit of creation.” — Administrator 


Collectors and Exhibitions

My art is part of private collections throughout the country. It has also been presented at conferences and shows, including numerous solo exhibitions.

The president of a company uses his commissioned Corporate Art Matrix™ as a visual mission statement. I am honored to have one client who has made an investment to display a collection of the art on a long­term basis. This has added richly to her medical practice, and the visual impact of that environment.