A Most Unusual Show

An exhibition and sale of my paintings and photographs is currently under way at Cathedral Village in Philadelphia. It's a beautiful space, and they've told me that everyone loves it. Below is a review just published in their newsletter. Thanks, Skip, for the wonderful write up!



A Most Unusual Show

By Skip Shakespeare

On one side of the gallery there are several pictures of non-objective forms, created in watercolor pencil and paint brush, many of them with swirling patterns, requiring an amazingly steady hand. Within the forms are the very subtle changes of color this unusual medium makes possible. Most of the pictures are set off with small compositions made up of letters from obscure alphabets. They are the work of Cynthia Joba, who told the members of the art committee in a pre-dinner talk that she is a writer who, 14 years ago, began painting, and had a sort of spiritual awakening when she discovered her instinctive visual talent. There's no "right-side-up" - the pictures can be seen in any way. The one-word titles suggest an emotion, such as joy, but it is for viewers to supply their own responses.


On the other side of the gallery there are about a dozen photographs which look into the heart of beautiful flowers, close up, showing details we'd never noticed before. She is a great admirer of Philadelphia gardens, and obviously a talented observer with the technical skill to show the natural world in a special way.


There was no mention in Cynthia Joba's talk of any formal training, either in painting or photography. Her work is an unusual example of inborn talent and vivid experience, and it is a pleasure to see the results.


With residents who attended my talk