Unexpected Beauty


Last year I spent the month of February in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When I returned home in early March, there was still snow on the ground and the earth was frozen at least 6" down. And yet ... in the midst of the cold, the snow, the frigid earth ... there were flowers. Snowdrops arising to gift my eyes. How wondrous that such fragile beauty (or maybe not so fragile) can grow in those conditions. Life never ceases to amaze me. May your life be filled with beauty, no matter what is going on.


Cynthia Joba

P.S. I really wanted to share this experience with you, but this is the most decent photograph of snowdrops in the snow that I have. It's not my best work, and as a result, I almost didn't use this post - but the story won the day.

You can browse more of my photographs here.

Cynthia Joba
Cynthia Joba


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