The Gift of Subtleties

We're so focused on drama, and moving fast, that it can be easy to overlook the subtle aspects of life. In my experience that's where so much of life's richness is found - in the subtleties, the small and vast things that are part of every day; a smile, the way a flower grows out of a stone wall, the first cup of morning coffee, the way my body works its complex systems with no conscious effort on my part, the way the light changes through the day...   

Several weeks ago I visited Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. It's an amazing place, and if you've never been there, I encourage you to go. My favorite time is when the magnolias bloom. They carpet the hillside, and when they bloom it's like wandering through a fairy land. I was standing under a huge magnolia, lost in the beauty of light, form and color, loving the contrast between the white blossoms and the deep blue sky, when the breeze picked up. In that moment, I was showered with petals drifting down from the tree. I don't have words to describe what it felt like -  it was a gift of grace that I experienced through my whole being. If I hadn't taken the time to slow down and appreciate a tree, I would have missed the moment.

What subtle experiences have enriched your life?

With joy,


Cynthia Joba

Cynthia Joba
Cynthia Joba


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